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    Teacher Name: Mrs. Cathy Edwards
    Contact information: Cathy.Edwards@henry.k12.ga.us 
    Subjects I teach: 
    First Semester:
    1st block - Honors World Literature
    2nd block - World Literature with Mr. Keane
    3rd block - planning
    4th block - World Literature
    Second Semester: 
    1st block - planning
    2nd block - British Literature 
    3rd block - British Literature 
    4th block - British Literature 
    I cannot wait to meet you. I am passionate about English and am excited to share my love of reading, writing, and text discovery with you. 
    If you have any questions, concerns, or if I can help you in any way, please contact me at cathy.edwards@henry.k12.ga.us. Email is the fastest way to reach me as I check email throughout the day. Responses can take up to 24 hours as I respond during my office hours, which are between 7:45-8:15am and 3:15-3:45pm Monday-Friday.  
    I look forward to working with you and your students this school year. 
    Mrs. Edwards