Short Bio: Hello Hamptons: I am Mrs. Nalini Chaganti , I am originally from India. Our family moved to United States 10 years back.I have been working as a High School Math Teacher for more than 26 years. This is my 10th year working for Henry County. I taught all levels of Math, like Math I, Math II, Math III, and Math IV. I taucht even acclerated Math of all levels in High School. I even taught AP Statistics, AP Calculus  and even coached students for SAT/ACT Math.
    I am a believer that    Student +Teacher + Parent = Success of Student. 
    I welcome all my students to my classses. I am currently teaching Analytical Geometry as a semester course. I wish to see everyone being successful in the course. 
    I am available for tutoring every Monday and Tuesday after school from 3:30 pm to 4:15pm .
    I am also available every day morning from 7:30 am in my class for tutoring.
    Students are always welcome to get my assistance whenever they need. 
    I am also a believer that discipline is the first step for learning .  
     My contact Info: Email me at