• Welcome to 9th and 10th Grade Literature and Composition

    Welcome! My name is Coach Yetta Smith and I will be the facilitator of your 9th and 10th Grade Literature and Composition learning experience! In 9th Grade Literature and Composition, you will continue to build on the reading and language curriculum established in middle school. In 10th Grade Literature and Composition you will expand and expound on the skills acquired in 9th Grade.Throughout this semester-long course, you will have opportunities to develop and expand your knowledge of literature and language and demonstrate mastery level of new learning through performance tasks and assessments. At the completion of the 9th grade course, you will take the Ninth Grade End-of-Course Test (EOCT). 

    When you enter my classroom.....
    You are Authors
    You are Writers
    You are Essayist
    You are Reporters
    You are Journalists
    You are Poets
    You are Thinkers
    You are Evaluators
    You are Philosophers
    You are Researchers
    You are Critics
    You are Intellectuals
    You are Theorist
    You are Amazing
    You are Important
    You are Respected
    You are the reason I am here!!!!!!
    I look forward to a great year!