• 9th Grade HPE

                                                                                 Welcome to 9th Grade Health.
    The 9th grade  Health class is nine weeks in length and is a requirement for graduation in the State of Georgia. Local and Georgia Performance Standards address the areas of safety, nutrition, mental health, disease prevention, human life cycle, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs as well as the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP). Being a complete 1:1 learning school, we will utilize multiple resources that deliver content and ensure that every child is learning. This program is mandated by the state and supported by the Georgia State Patrol. The course is required of all persons under the age of 18 who wish to acquire a driver's license. The course is four hours in length and culminates with a written test. In order to receive a Georgia Driver's License the student must attend all four hours of the course and successfully pass the written exam. Additionally, HB 217, which was passed in 2013, requires that all High School Health classes provide Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation instruction. Although this instruction does not have to lead to student certification in CPR, it does require that all students must complete a unit of CPR.
    Topics to be discussed:
    Health Promotion (Who, What, Why, and How Come)
    Influences of Health Behaviors (Consequences)
    Consumer Health (Products, Services, Health Care)
    Healthy Relationships (Best Choice Curriculum)
    Goal Setting (How to do we get to our dreams?)
    Decision Making (Every Choice Matters)
    Actively Practicing Health Enhancing Behaviors