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Experience: Over 20 years in Elementary Ed, mostly Title 1 Many years teaching Gifted and Talented students, too 3 years Middle grades, Math, SS, Environmental Science,... 5 years education for adults, SS and Gifted Ed Degrees: Bachelors in Elementary Ed & Math Masters in Educational Computing Educational Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction Gifted Endorsement Certifications: Elementary Ed Middle Grades SS, ELA, Math

Michael Schwartz -About Me

Greetings!!!!                                                                                                                                   6-2020

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I’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to you. My name is Mike Schwartz and I’m your child’s 4th or 5th grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher! I'm THRILLED to be a TES Grizzly!


A little about me...
I'm from Queens, NY, and have taught in a full range of communities from rural to urban. Being a Dad is my favorite job, which fits-in well with teaching. I read Sci-Fi, a lot of kids books, ride a motorcycle (these days once in awhile, but have ridden to NY, Maryland, as well as an entry-level endurance ride...) watch a range of Netflix/Prime when I can, am an ex-hard core gamer (please monitor and limit our student’s gaming time), have written a poem or 2, as well as a story or 2, was an avid skier and horseback rider, and have a wide variety of life experiences.


In the past, I’ve taught 6th Grade Social Studies, 7 -10th Grade math, 11th -12th Grade environmental science, basic ESOL to students from Singapore, Korea, Japan and Angola. I have 23 years teaching elementary school, in city, suburb, and rural environments. I have also been a teaching assistant in an undergraduate college course on interdisciplinary teaching methods and have volunteered in various aspects of education. In addition, I have a successful year of teaching SAGE Resource under my belt, as well as 5 years of Talented And Gifted (TAG) Collaborative instruction in grades K -5. I have also been privileged to have written a course for and taught a couple of the courses of our Henry County Gifted Endorsement a few years. 21 of my 26 years teaching have been in GA!


I hold a dual-Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Secondary Mathematics, a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, an Educational Specialists’ degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and my Gifted Endorsement. 


For me, teaching is just as exciting as being a learner! I have many ideas, but also welcome ideas generated by students, parents, and colleagues, as well as constructive feedback about how I can better serve our student/s. I view your child/ren as my own during the school day, and am so proud for/of them when they do their best! Please feel free to contact me with questions/constructive feedback. I look forward to an amazing year with our student/s!


Lastly, for now, please be on the lookout for an interest inventory and a name research activity to start our year. It's 1 of the ways I can get to know our child/ren before school actually begins. I check email often, as well as texts, but phone calls are limited due to the school day and other parts of my life.



Mike Schwartz

Teaching is a lifestyle choice, not a job decision.


SUCCESS = parent + student + teachers + (respect + hard work + patience + dedication)

The mission of Tussahaw Elementary School is “We are a learning community of students, teachers, parents, and other partners in education that value everyone's uniqueness.  We use these diverse differences to instill in our students a sense of responsibility, respect for themselves, their families, their school, and their community”. Please be sure to include the school mission on every document or correspondence that is used to communicate information about our learning community.