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Experience: Over 20 years in Elementary Ed, mostly Title 1 Many years teaching Gifted and Talented students, too 3 years Middle grades, Math, SS, Environmental Science,... 5 years education for adults, SS and Gifted Ed Degrees: Bachelors in Elementary Ed & Math Masters in Educational Computing Educational Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction Gifted Endorsement Certifications: Elementary Ed Middle Grades SS, ELA, Math

Michael Schwartz -About Me

Greetings!!!!                                                                                                                                    6-2021

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I’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to you. My name is Mike Schwartz and I’m your child’s 5th grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher! I'm THRILLED to be at IMPACT Academy!


A little about me...
I'm from Queens, NY, and have taught in a full range of communities from rural to urban. Being a Dad is my favorite job, which fits-in well with teaching. I read Sci-Fi, a lot of kids books, rode a motorcycle  -just donated it to Kars for Kids this Spring (but have ridden to NY, Maryland, as well as an entry-level endurance ride...), watch a range of Netflix/Prime when I can, am an ex-hard core gamer (please monitor and limit our student’s gaming time), have written a poem or 2, as well as a story or 2, was an avid skier and horseback rider, and have a wide variety of life experiences.


In the past, I’ve taught 6th Grade Social Studies, 7 -10th Grade math, 11th -12th Grade environmental science, basic ESOL to students from Singapore, Korea, Japan and Angola. I have 26 years teaching elementary school, in city, suburb, and rural environments. I have also been a teaching assistant in an undergraduate college course on interdisciplinary teaching methods and have volunteered in various aspects of education. In addition, I have had 6 years of very successful teaching of Talented And Gifted (TAG) Collaborative instruction in grades K -5. I have also been privileged to have written a course for and taught a couple of the courses of our Henry County Gifted Endorsement a few years. 22 of my 26 years teaching have been in GA!


I hold a dual-Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Secondary Mathematics, a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, an Educational Specialists’ degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and my Gifted Endorsement, and have been a part of The Henry County Innovations Champion (Technology) Team. 


For me, teaching is just as exciting as being a learner! I have many ideas, but also welcome ideas generated by students, parents, and colleagues, as well as constructive feedback about how I can better serve our student/s. I view your child/ren as my own during the school day, and am so proud for/of them when they do their best! Please feel free to contact me with questions/constructive feedback. I look forward to an amazing year with our student/s!


Lastly, for now, please be on the lookout for an interest inventory and a name research activity to start our year. It's 1 of the ways I can get to know our child/ren before school actually begins. I check email often, as well as texts, but phone calls are limited due to the school day and other parts of my life.



Mike Schwartz

Teaching is a lifestyle choice, not a job decision.

SUCCESS = parent + student + teachers + (respect + hard work + patience + dedication)