• We are extremely excited to inform you that Luella High School is piloting student-led conferences in your child’s Advisory or Freshman Focus class.  The students are eager to share their academic goals and the steps that they have made toward accomplishing them with you, their parents. Work samples that relate to their goals will be available at the conferences for your review. Students will conduct a conference either with parents or with a counselor, member of the PL team, an administrator, or a teacher. Students are eager to share goals with their parents and guardians, so please try to attend. These conferences are NOT Parent-Teacher Conferences. A teacher will be available during these conferences to assist students if needed, but will not be able to meet individually with parents at these times. Parent-Teacher conferences may be scheduled for alternate times.  A model video is on our school’s website so parents can better understand the expectations for their child during these conferences. Please visit the LHS website and select the Personalized Learning tab, then click Student Led Conferences to view the video and sign up for a conference time.  


    Please use this link to sign up electronically for your choice of date and time for a Student-Led Conference with your child. Conferences will take approximately 15 minutes.


    Please use this link to view a model video of a student led conference in the high school setting. 


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. We are looking forward to participating in the student led conference process with each of you.


    Jennifer Gay
    Personalized Learning Lead