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    Basketball Cheerleading
    Coach~ Dawn Ford 
    8th Boys Grade Championship game will be played on Wednesday 2/3 at Union Grove Middle. Must purchase tickets on ticketspicket. This will be a cashless event. 
    Game time will be 5:30
    Union Grove vs. Austin Road.
    Link to purchase tickets for all home basketball games.

    2020-2021 Basketball Cheerleading Information

    VIRTUAL Tryout Information for the UGMS 2020 - 2021 Basketball Cheerleading Squad: 

    Turn in ALL completed forms (Physical, Heat, Concussion, Cardiac, Athletic Information and Consent form) to Dragon Fly by Friday, September 4th. 

    Have your VIDEO submitted to the CHEER Google Classroom by Wednesday, September 9th at

    4 PM.

    If I do not have an updated physical from you in DragonFLy, you cannot try out.

    The Tryout Information Meeting for parents/guardians is on Wednesday, September 2nd, at 5:00 PM. This will be a VIRTUAL GOOGLE Meeting; you will need to go the the BASKETBALL CHEER Google Classroom (with your daughter) that I have created for CHEER and click on the meet link. I will invite your daughter into the Classroom once I get the email from the google interest form, so you will have access to the meeting.

    Practices, Games, Uniforms, and tryout expectaions will be discussed. Any questions you may have regarding tryouts or cheerleading can be asked at the meeting. 



    Complete the following for your try out video (see the Basketball Cheer Google Classroom for further videos from me with instructions)

    *Fill out the Google interest form with correct email address; this was pushed out by Mr. Thompson on the school website. Accept my invite from the Basketball Cheer Google Classroom; I will invite you to the classroom as I receive your form.*

    1) Find a space with a neutral (light in color) background to showcase your cheers and toe touch.

    2) Wear a t-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes and socks - hair should be pulled up in a pony tail or out of your face when you create your cheer video.

    3) Perform and record two cheers and one toe touch. Choose one cheer of your choosing from the cheer video located on the webpage TOC, and you must do the cheer entitled "Two Points More" (required)

    4) After performing both cheers, show me your toe touch while showing your UG spririt.

    5) Both of the cheers, the toe touch, and the spirit should be on ONE video.

    6) Submit video link into the Basketball Cheer Google Classroom

    Here is the RUBRIC (also on Cheer GC) that I will use to judge you:

    Motion Technique ( sharp, tight motions, no broken wrists)- 40 Points

    Jump Technique (heighth of jump, pointed toes, head up) - 20 Points

    Voice Projection (how loud you are) - 20 Points

    Facials (smiles and spirit) - 20 Points

    Total points possible = 100 Points


    Have your VIDEO submitted to the CHEER Google Classroom by Wednesday, September 9th at 4 PM. I will post the 2020-2021 Basketball Cheerleading team on this website by Friday, September 11th at 6PM.


     Requirements to Tryout:

     - Academic Eligibility:  must have passed 3 out of 4 academic classes and have a 70 average in Connections classes.
     - Physical Examination:  A certified physician must complete the state-approved physical evaluation form.  For a    physical to be considered current, it must have been done within the past year. This must be uploaded to Dragon Fly. If you need help uploading, the instructions are in the table of contenst on my webpage.
     - Athletic Information and Consent Form
     - Concussion Awareness Form
     - GHSA Heat Policy Form
    **All of the above mentioned forms must be on file in DragonFly before the tryout video due date.