2019-2020 Club List

  • East Lake Elementary Club List 2019-2020

    Please see below for the list of clubs offered at ELE this year. Should you have any questions, please contact the front office and we will be glad to help you!


    3D Printing Club

    Mission: To promote and highlight STEM through hands-on 3D printing 

    Sponsor: Shannon Burge & John Massie

    Activities:Using design software, students will design and print on a 3D printer

    Requirements: 4th and 5th grades, application and recommendation


    Art Club

    Mission: To inspire and recognize those 4th and 5th grade students who have shown an outstanding ability in art and who wish to showcase their talents.

    Sponsor: Katie Ireland

    Activities:  meet weekly for 6 to 8 weeks in the mornings (7:00-7:45) to practice and enhance art skills

    Requirements: 4th and 5th grades, application and recommendation


    Beta Club

    Mission: To promote leadership and character

    Sponsor:  Dianna Brame and Amy Steele

    Activities:  During the year the children will meet to plan community service projects and hear about ways to promote the mission of Beta Club.


    • Fifth graders
    • Academic qualifiers are currently being established based on MAP, Milestones, the new report card, teacher recommendation, behavior, and attendance



    East Lake Tennis Club

    Mission: To enhance tennis skills and appreciation for the sport

    Sponsor: Patricia McDonald

    Activities: Meeting after school to learn and play tennis.  We will meet 6 times.

    Requirements: 4th and 5th graders, first to return application permission.  ONLY 12 students are selected.  Why?  For quality student:teacher ratio and for safety.


    ELKN News

    Mission: To share school news with the students of East Lake Elementary

    Sponsor: Shannon Burge

    Activities: record school news broadcast each day

    Requirements: 5th grade, application and audition – limited number of participants


    Flag Team

    Mission: To demonstrate patriotism and respect for our country’s symbol.

    Sponsor:  Corletha Varian

    Activities:  Participate in flag etiquette training, raise and lower the flag each day school is in session (weather permitting)

    Requirements: 5th grade, teacher recommendation


    Fourth & Fifth Grade Honors Chorus

    Mission: To recognize and showcase 4th & 5th grade students who have demonstrated outstanding singing ability and musicality.

    Sponsor: Daren Turner

    Activities: Participate in a variety of performances including: winter showcase, spring showcase, and other school functions.

    Requirements: Application & Audition


    Third Grade Gardening Club

    Mission: The East Lake Garden Club is dedicated to providing and maintaining a space where students and the community can have meaningful interactions with nature.

    Sponsors: Debbie Ripple, Brandi Walker, and Tracy Major

    Activities: The club will meet once a month to help prepare garden beds, plant seasonal vegetation, maintain the garden space, and prepare materials for the decorative rock path. 

    Requirements: Available to boys and girls in third grade, parent permission, application, teacher recommendation, 25-member club.


    Pretty In Pink  

    Mission:  To provide mentoring for young girls that will help build confidence, establish positive relationships, develop proper etiquette as well as a strong foundation in manners as they mature and grow into young ladies.   

    Sponsor: Leeya Cockfield and Kesa Bolds

    Activities:  We will meet once a month to promote:  being a good friend, public speaking, health awareness, community projects, goal setting, manners & etiquette. 

    Requirements:  Available to girls in grades 3-5, teacher recommendation,  parent permission & application, 20 member club. 


    Reading Bowl Club (by tryout/selection process, for students in grades 4-5)

    Mission Statement: To promote reading comprehension skills in a competitive format, in which students will participate in the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

    Sponsors: Shannon Burge & Danielle Muckenfuss

    Activities: compete against all other elementary schools in HC at the Reading Bowl Competition

    Requirements: 4th or 5th grade, complete application, be selected through an audition process


    Safety Patrols (by recommendation from staff -5th grade only)

    Mission: to promote safety within our school

    Sponsor:  Crystal May

    Activities:  Will monitor students as they arrive at school.  Schedule will be provided.

    Requirements: teacher recommendation, outstanding behavior in and out of the classroom


    Save Promise

    Mission: to promote positive peer interactions and appreciation of our differences

    Sponsor: Crystal May

    Activities: to sponsor campaigns such as Kindness Week and Start with Hello Week

    Requirements: 4th and 5th grade, teacher recommendation, parent permission and application