• The jest about me

    My name is Melissa Rommelman.  I am the mother of three boys, who all attended and graduated from schools within Henry County.  I have three grandchildren; a 9-year old granddaughter, attending a school in Henry County, and my 7-year old grandson, and 2-year old granddaughter who both live in San Deigo.   After working in the corporate world, I decided I wanted to finish college, so while in school I worked as a substitute.  I was assigned as a long term substitute in a special education classroom and at that time I realized my calling. So I found out what I need to do to become a teacher and got a call that changed my life forever.

    Before teaching

    Before I became a teacher, I worked for 17 years in the corporate world, mostly within an accounting department.  My work experience in the corporate world started at a receptionist level but my goal was always to work my way up into an accounting department.  I had knowledge of accounting from a high school class so while on the job I asked a lot of questions so I could learn more about accounting, which eventually landed me a bookkeeping position for a security company.  Later, I became a collection agent for a paper company in Atlanta, and eventually became the payroll clerk, I learned more about accounting from my supervisors.  I decided to get a job closer to home and worked in the accounting department for home builder and land developer and became the Accounting Manager.  In January 2002, I decided I wanted to finish college so I could earn a degree.  In 2004, I graduated from American Intercontinental University, Atlanta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. 

    Getting ready to teach

    I began the Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program (Georgia TAPP) in 2006 and received my teaching certification in 2008; passing the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) in Business 6-12 (2007) and Computer Science P-12 (2019).  I have a Master’s in Education – Curriculum and Instruction and Specialist in Education.

    Teaching low-down

    I began working at HCMS in 2006.   I was the Business and Technology teacher for grade 6-8.  I worked for HCMS for 8 years and during that time I taught roughly 5,800 students about business, computers, and how to use technology effectively.  After hanging out (teaching) with mini-teenagers for 8 years, I felt like I wanted to venture out and hang out with some older teenagers (high schoolers), so I was fortunate enough to get a job at the Academy for Advanced Studies within Henry County High School.  In my first year I taught Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (ILPSCS), which was amazing!  My husband is a police officer, so I knew who to ask if I had a question but little did I know that he would be a great resource for helping me land field trips so my students could see the real world of working within law and justice while having positive interaction with officers.  I had officers to my class to visit and speak with my students so my students can see officers in a different light.  Overall, a great first year!  I am now in my second year and I been given an opportunity to teach several courses which all fall under the business umbrella other than (ILPSCS).  During my second year, I taught Introduction to Business & Technology, Computer Science Principles, and Financial Literacy.  Being able to teach each of these subjects is very excited and challenging, making every day exciting and enjoyable for me.  Continuing to teach at AAS has allowed me huge opportunities as I have grounded myself into the Information Technology Pathway,  teaching this pathway has been a great experience. I look forward to what this pathway has to offer students.

    My beliefs

    I believe that teaching is an opportunity to share the knowledge that you have with every student.  Teachers can have a huge impact on students and I am extremely happy to be a teacher.  I truly believe all students can learn, and it is my responsibility to do all I can to help them learn, even if it is not my subject area. I have always desired to learn more and teaching pushes me to learn more so I can share more knowledge with my students.

    Contact me at:mrommelman@henry.k12.ga.us