Tutoring is offered Monday-Thursday in room 217 from 7:30-8:10; in room 337 from 3:30-4:20; in room 333 from 11:00-12:15
    Students will be given the opportunity to take a reassessment over a standard on which they have done poorly. This reassessment will replace the previous assessment grade. They will earn this opportunity by attending 2 tutoring sessions on the standard which they wish to be reassess on and completing the required worksheets. They will need to get the retake request sheet signed by the tutor each time they attend and signed by the parent when they feel prepared to retake. Retakes will take place with their math teacher during Study hall on Fridays. Students may only retake one standard per week, and it is at the teacher s discretion if they can retake the same standard multiple times.  

    To Retake:

    1.      Must attend two tutoring sessions.

    2.      Complete the required work sheets for each standard.

    3.    Get request sheet signed by tutor and parent.
    4.   Turn in request sheet and worksheets to Math Teacher on Friday during study hall to retake.