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    Management of Medical Conditions While At School



    Taking medication (prescription and over-the-counter) during school hours is discouraged, but if the student needs medication at school; a parent/guardian must complete a Henry County Schools Student Health Medication Authorization Form.  All medications MUST be in the original container and will be stored in the attendance office.  Medication taken three times a day can be taken before school, after school and at bedtime.



    Medications in envelopes or baggies will not be accepted.  Students with Chronic Medical Backgrounds must have a current Health Plan on file in the attendance office.  These plans help provide the medical information needed to best care for your child while at school, and they must be updated yearly.  Students who are required to carry an inhaler with them throughout the school day must have an Asthma Action Plan on file signed by the physician as well as the parent.  


    All Forms below will be available in the Attendance Office (see Cindy Cunningham) or you may go online.

    Below is a link to the various Health Plans:


    Medical Authorization


    Asthma Action


    Diabetes Action


    Seizure Action Plan

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