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    School Driving & Attendance

    (What students and Parents Should Know)



    Georgia Code Section 40-5-22, Georgia’s Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TAADRA) of 1997, requires that local school systems certify that a student’s attendance pattern and discipline record in order for him or her to have a Georgia learner’s permit or driver’s license. The Henry County Board of Education also addresses this law in the Student and Parent Handbook p. 26.  A student is in violation of this law and therefore becomes non-compliant:






    Student Driver /Parking Information



    Parking is a privilege that can be revoked or suspended as a result of truancy and excessive tardies.   Any student who accrues excessive tardies and/or absences, fails to follow proper check-in/check-out procedures, transports other students) off campus without permission, or breaks an attendance contract may lose their parking privilege for the remainder of the school.

    Upon accumulating 10 absences unexcused the permit holder's privilege to park will be revoked until the student and parents have a conference with an administrator.  No refund will be provided for suspended parking privileges.  

    Students with (3)or more unexcused tardies to school will be sent to ISS. 

    Certificates of Attendance for a learner’s permit and/or driver’s license may be obtained from the Attendance Office.  There is a 24 hour turn around for this request.  The student’s school attendance record must be in good standing before a certificate will be issued.  Students may make this request in the morning before 8:15,or during power lunch.  The notarized forms are good for 30 days.




    Procedures for Students Who Drive To School and Need To Check-Out:


    I.  The student should take his/her checkout note to the attendance office. The note must have the students first and last name, a date, time of checkout, reason, parent signature and parent's telephone number.

    ll. The attendance staff will call to verify the note and once verified, prepare a pass for the student to

    pick up.The  student will come to the attendance office at check out time and sign out.  










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