• Motto: Leading the pack in student learning and achievement

    Mission: To create a learning community in which each student experiences success

    Vision: To obtain, maintain and sustain continuous quality school improvement in all academic and non-academic areas as prioritized by our school improvement plan
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    Belief Statements:

    • School improvement is a journey not a destination.
    • School improvement is a team sport; therefore, distributed leadership is critical to our school’s success.
    • A consistent set of standards-based best practices in the areas of curriculum, assessment and instruction is essential for continuous quality school improvement.
    • Learning is more meaningful when students are active participants instead of passive observers.
    • Cultural proficiency on the part of teachers can be as consequential as content proficiency in order to achieve relevance for students’ learning.
    • The most decisive factor in a student’s success is teacher quality.
    • Each student can experience learning success despite his/her demographic profile.


    WMS Pack Rules

    Pursue Excellence

    Accept Responsibility

    Choose Wisdom

    Keep Safety
Last Modified on November 9, 2016