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    Welcome to 8th Grade Georgia Studies!




    I am very excited to share my passion for history with you this year. Pearl Buck once wrote, “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” This year we will explore the beginnings of our state and the impact that Georgia and its inhabitants have had on significant events throughout our nation’s history. Please take a moment to review the syllabus. After sharing and discussing with your family, please sign below.

    With each new unit, you will receive a more specific syllabus outlining the standards, vocabulary, and assessment reminders for that unit.


    Purpose:  It is the purpose of this class to promote a broad understanding of geography, history, economics, and government, with a special emphasis on the state of Georgia.


    1.            Students will examine key events, documents, and people from U.S. history and be able to make correlations with current events.

    2.            They will conduct research and participate in group projects.

    3.            Students will also debate issues and examine current trends in Georgia and the United States.


     Course Content:  Georgia History students will cover a variety of topics including: Geography, Native Americans, Exploration, Colonization, American Revolution, Foundation of Government, Indian Removal, Civil War, Reconstruction The Depression and World Conflict, Societal and Technological Growth, and Modern Georgia.





                A=       90-100                                    Practice (HW/CW) –40%

                B=       80-89                                      Assessments (Test, Quiz, Projects) – 45%

                C=        74-79                                      Semester Exam – 15 %

                D=       70-73

                F=        below 70


    Materials to be used:  Each day, students are expected to come prepared with the following:  Binder with notebook paper, pen (blue or black ink), pencils, and composition notebook. Additional “wish list items” include hand sanitizer, tissues, and copy paper to be used for students throughout the year.


    Course Requirements:  Each day come prepared.  Please adhere to due dates and class time schedules for projects and class work assignments.  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check the “Make-up” folder and get the assignments. 


    Expectations:   In this class, students will be instructed will be encouraged to use historical inquiry and analysis to learn

    about pivotal events and locations from the past. Students are expected to be active participants in their learning. I have high expectations for my learners and am confident that working together we can achieve much success!


    Please visit the Department of Education’s website (www.doe.k12.ga.us) for a list of standards and additional information.





    Assessment                  45%

    Practice                        40%

    Final Exam                  15%


    HomeworkTypically, homework is assigned 3-4 times a week and can include written assignments, research, answering questions or studying for tests and quizzes. All students are asked to record their homework in their planner.


    Absences- The Henry County Schools Board of Education allows the number of days absent plus one to turn in late work. There are no points deducted for late work turned in by the agreed-upon deadline. However, after the deadline points will be deducted from the assignment. All missed work is easily found in folders in the back of the room. Please students—DON’T ignore make-up work! This is the main way students fall behind. You can email me, call a friend, or you can make arrangements to see me before/after school. DON’T LET IT GO!! All missing work will be entered as a zero until it is turned in.


    Special Projects: Special projects will be assigned throughout the year. A grading rubric will be given for each project.  Each project will require planning and research. Other requirements may be given when the project is assigned. Projects are counted as a test grade.


    Need to get in touch with me? The quickest way to contact me is to email.me at


    A few more things…No food or beverages are allowed in class. Also, NO cell phones are allowed in class, unless a technology day sign is posted.

    Dear Families:






    By signing this, you and your family acknowledge that you have read the syllabus carefully and agree to the following:


    •        Daily supplies (composition notebook, pencil, and additional supplies as      requested) will be brought to class each day.
    •        Classwork and homework are vital to the learning process and must be turned in by the designated due date.
    •        Daily assignments are recorded in the student planner, but may also be accessed on Mrs. Gould’s class website page.
    •        Progress Reports are distributed. They are to be signed by a parent and returned with all eligible late work attached by the next Monday.


    Thank you for your support. I KNOW it’s going to be a great year!!