• Welcome to Ms. Narra's class
    Teacher Name:Ms.Narra
    Subjects I Teach: Algebra II , GSE Geometry and Geometry Support

    Google Meet code for Algebra 2 class :   algebra2narra


    Google Meet code for Geometry & Geometry support class :   geometrynarra
    Google Meet Code for Office hours :    knarrageoalg2
    All course work, calendar, and materials can be found on www.schoology.com.  There are helpful videos, practice work, study guides, study guide answers, and websites to aid in the students' understanding of what is being taught in class. Students must take initiative to re-watch videos using www.schoology.com so they can pause or rewind any segment of the video at any time. This allows students to learn at their own pace and become more self-directed having to know when they need to go back over a certain concept they did not fully grasp the first time it was explained.
    The best and quickest way to contact me is by my school email address. please allow me 24hours to reply.