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    Welcome to the Hampton High School Counseling Office Homepage! 

    HHS Counseling Team
    Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year.
    Hampton High School's counselors are available to serve students daily.  Please see the information below to determine which counselor will serve you and your student this school year.  Let's collaborate to make this the best year yet.  
    We are Hampton.  
    Ms. Caroline Dodd
    Last Names A-D 
    Ms. Dodd
    Dr. Kena Bush
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    Dr. Bush
    Ms. Shirley Tarver       
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    Ms. Tarver
    Ms. Monica Green             
    Last Names S-Z      
    Ms. Green
    Ms. Donna St. Clair
    Ms. St. Clair
    The mission of Hampton High School’s Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program aligned with the ASCA model designed to meet the academic, personal/social and college/career needs of all students so that they may become responsible and productive citizens.  As counselors, we will serve as student advocates who support all students and help prepare them for post-secondary plans.  As a digitally converted, personalized learning community, we will work in partnership with students, staff, family, and community members to prepare students to become effective learners, achieve success in school and develop into 21st century contributing members of society.  
    The Hampton High School Counseling Department's vision is to A.I.M, thus creating 21st Century Leaders.
    Counselors understand the complexities that affect the performance and success of students and Advocate to support and defend the best interests of all students.  Counselors work to support the social, academic and physical needs of all students.  The student advocate stands up for student rights and concerns and recognizes and understands the importance of student's individual needs. Understanding from the student perspective is imperative.
    Inspiring students is integral to their success and encouraging them to fulfill their potential.  Students who are inspired can accomplish amazing things, and that motivation almost always stays with them.
    Motivation is something that energizes, directs, and sustains behavior; it gets students moving, points them in a particular direction, and keeps them going.  Most students are motivated in one way or another.  Counselors motivate students to focus on particular goals relative to academic, social, and physical needs, as well as and career interests.  This motivation ultimately leads to increased effort and energy leading to more productive and successful 21st Century Learners.