• World Literature & Composition     

    School Phone: (770) 946-7461

    Mr. Richard Buck: vern.buck@henry.k12.ga.us



    Dear Student/Parent/Guardian:


    Welcome to the new semester at Hampton High! I am excited to have you or your child is in my World Literature and Composition class. WLC focuses on the various modes of essay composition, specifically on developing arguments. In addition, we will read fiction and nonfiction, and exercise critical thinking.  We will survey different types of writing from various genres (i.e. poetry, drama, and media). And, we will explore literature and information from cultures around the world.  Help me encourage your child to keep an open mind, as many of these cultures are quite different from our own. Be advised--texts and class content will include themes of violence, death, family, life, religion, etc. . . .


    Each student will need the following supplies:

    • 1 open-ring binder and a set of notebook dividers
    • Loose-leaf paper—college ruled
    • Pencils/pens
    • Highlighter
    • Colored Pencils
    • An organizer/calendar
    • Data storage, preferably a USB flash drive (doesn’t have to be expensive)
    • Google Drive/Microsoft Office is acceptable
    • A book of your choosing (used daily)



    Please understand these or help me by explaining these to your son/daughter:

    1. Students should be prepared for class each day with all materials, i.e. Laptop & charger, pens, paper, homework, etc.
    1. Students should not disrupt the teacher’s ability to conduct class or other students’ ability to learn. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive tardiness, talking, cell phones, wardrobe/accessories, insubordination, bullying, etc. Please raise your hand to speak as each student’s comment, discussion, or engagement is important in class.
    2. Cell phones and headphone are NOT allowed without teacher permission: First offense-warning, second offense-behavior reflection form, or third offense-the phone or item will be confiscated until the end of day followed by parent/coach/advisor notification.
    3. Students should not go into the teacher’s (or other students’) belongings or personal areas.
    4. Students may have snacks or beverages in class as long as the classroom remains neat and clean.
    5. Students should be in class and on time every day. If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for making up the missing work. Please understand HHS’s 10/10 rule & tardy policy. 
    6. Missing assignments or unwillingness to work on assignments is considered a behavior or discipline infraction that may be addressed under the district’s or school’s behavior and discipline protocols.
    7. Restroom passes:  Personal responsibility for maximizing class instruction time is vital to a student’s success.  Excessive restroom passes may require a doctor’s note for a medical condition.  Extended times between classes allow for restroom use.  Encourage your child to be mindful of restroom needs and break times.
    8. Students should follow all other school policies.   Please refer to the student handbook for more information on these polices.  



    Assignments are assessed as follows, based on Henry County School’s competency-based standards.

    Be advised that progressive grades for each competency are ever-changing.  Expect lower grades in the beginning and progressively improve as new skills are learned and writing is strengthened.

    30%—1- Close reading to analyze and evaluate

    20%—2- Construct task appropriate writing for diverse purpose/audiences 

    20%—3- Design and implement concise & sustained research tasks

    10%—4- Participate/Collaborate in a range of discussions with peers

    10%—5- Communicate information, reasoning, and supporting evidence with clarity and purpose

    10%—6- Proper use of language conventions, word choices, and other components


    Your child can expect occasional homework and at times this will mean over the weekends. Students should read independ-ently NIGHTLY.



    • I encourage student accountability. You or your child is preparing for adulthood (college/career/life) and I hold them to high expectations.
    • You can also access grades/attendance on Infinite Campus. Be aware that I do not key grades in on a daily basis. Also, note that HHS grades based on mastery of competencies—mere completion of an assignment is not sufficient.
    • Most assignments will be issued and accepted electronically Schoology|TurnItIn. I also use Remind. Keep up with codes, usernames, and passwords below:


    • turnitin.com _________________________


    • Schoology: ___________________________


    • Remind: _____________________________


    • We may watch films/clips relevant to content (PG-13/R). If this is an issue, or any class material is, please let me know and an alternative assignment will be provided.
    • Tutoring is available after school by appointment.


    We will focus on goal setting this semester. Please speak with your child about his/her short and long term goals. College, career, and life readiness requires an ability to set goals, solve problems, develop arguments, and cite evidence for claims.  Goals should be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (S.M.A.R.T.).  Your child’s success is at the core of everything I do.

    If I can answer any questions or address concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  My planning period is second block (9:55—11:25).  I am happy to meet with you during this time and/or after/before school if you make an appointment with me in advance. I look forward to teaching and learning alongside your son/daughter.