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    "Where there is no order, there will be chaos"  
    Course Overview:
    Preface: All courses in Public Safety will be considered "hybrid" and "blended" instruction. The student will be expected to work as an individual, or in a group, with studies online and in class. 
    Intro to Criminal Justice - Year 1

    This course examines the basic principles and practices of public safety, with an emphasis on the criminal justice system. Students review topics such as criminal law, corrections, the judicial system, organized crime and policy-community relations. This also course looks at the historical role and function of law enforcement, private security and other agencies involved in the criminal justice system. Ethical issues inherent in this field are also discussed.


    Criminal Justice Essentials - Year 2


    This course examines advanced principles and practices of public safety, with an emphasis on the criminal justice system in regards to local, state and federal jurisdictions, agencies and jobs within those agencies. Students will also learn about court room procedure, work groups on the local, state, federal level and basic report police report writing, witness interviews and interrogations. Students will also have practical application of theories garnered in Criminal Justice I. Each student participate in a mock trial in which each student will be expected and assigned to collect and process mock crime scene collection, conduct witness interviews, assume the roles of criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors, police officers, court reporters, bailiffs and jurors.

    Forensics - Year 3
    Forensic science describes the science of linking people, places, and things that are involved in criminal activity. The goal of this course is to provide the student with a basic, introductory overview of forensic science. The student will learn the fundamentals of the different disciplines that encompass the field of forensic science by learning the theorem of forensics, as well as the practical application of the same.
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