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    Teacher Name: Mr. Joshua Nelson
    School Email Address: joshuanelson@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: Math Instructional Coach
    136 Proactive Hwy 

    Welcome parents, guardians, students and educators.  I am the Instructional Lead Teacher for Mathematics at Cotton Indian Elementary School.  This is my 15th year in education!  Currently I am also a student at UGA completing work to obtain a K-8 Specialist Degree in Math Instruction.  All I've learned thus far is that I still have a lot more to learn!


    In recent years, there has been a great deal of change in how we teach math and how kids learn math.  If you ever have questions you may find the answers on some of the various links provided here.  However, if you have additional questions please don't hesitate to email me.  Additionally we hold various workshops at the school both during the day and in the evenings.  


    It's an exciting time to be a student and educator of mathematics.  Given the overwhelming boom in technology over the past several decades, the demand for strong math skills in the work place has never been higher.  Also, math is now more fun and interactive to both teach and learn than ever before!