• Hi parents and students.

    My name is Mark Ernst and I'm excited to be introducing your students to the Spanish language. I studied the language in Costa Rica for one year before serving 19 years in Mexico as a missionary.  There, of course, daily speaking and public speaking helped me advance my understanding of the language and of Latin American culture.  For those familiar with Mexico, we lived in a village (Arteaga) outside the city of Saltillo, Coahuila.  In addition to Costa Rica and Mexico, I have also traveled and taught in Nicaragua, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

    I love both the language and the culture and hope to communicate that to my students and to inspire in them that love for Spanish. I'm looking forward to a great year at ELMS.


    NOTES: All of our classwork will be posted on Google Classroom.

    Google Classrooom Codes

    Spring 2020

    2nd Period (6th Grade)  -  t6iimmd;   

    3rd  Period (6th grade) --- yfyls4y;  

    4th period (7th Grade) --  53g2vof; 

    5th Period (7th Grade) -- ravabls;   

    6th Period (8th grade) --- wvzm77e;    

    7th Period (8th grade) --  7dve27k