• Lions Track

    LMS 2022 - 23
    Congratulations to the following students who have
    been selected to participate in this years track team..... 
    For those not selected thank you for your efforts please plan to stay close and in
    support of the team this season we need all the cheering that we can get. 

    LMS 2022 - 23 Boys Track Team

    Artis, Lawrence

    Mitchell, Brintson

    Benjamin, Jakye

    Mouzan, Terrek

    Callins, Samuel

    Mulherion, Cameo

    Davis, Amir

    Richardson, Cameron

    Florence, Jordan

    Robertson, Austin

    Head, Adrian

    Robertson, Travis

    Hixson, Ethan

    Robinson, Terrence

    Hughes, Aiden

    Shah, Aryan

    Jarrow, Jerome

    Thomas, Tyquay

    Jones, Ricari

    Troutt, Sean

    Martinez, Jordyn

    Williams, Jayden

    McDaniel, Jordan

    Wilson, Kiyon


    LMS 2022-23 Girls Track Team

    Beckford, Trinity

    Lovitt, Peyton

    Brady, Amarie

    Maroney, Kinnedi

    Brown, Sky

    Mauvias, Sarah

    Cooke, Tamani

    Morris, Evyn

    Dillard, Catherine

    Moses, Gabrielle

    Haynes, Eunia

    Robinson, Destinee

    Holcombe, Niyla

    Thomas, Zanela

    Hurt, Janiyah

    Thurman, London

    LaBonte, Taylor

    Tucknall, J'mya

    Lacount, Senay

    Wilson, Mariah


    Anderson, Dallas

    Hayes, Michael

    Boys & Girl's Head Coaches:
             Adam Veatch - Adam.Veatch@henry.k12.ga.us
             Joy Mathis - Joy.Mathis@henry.k12.ga.us
    Phone Number: (678) 583 - 8919

     Instructions for athletic paperwork (DragonFly)

    Go to DragonFly and create account to get paperwork.

    All athletic forms are now digital and can be filled out on line, the only exception is the physical form from your Doctor must be scanned in.