•  A General Overview of Eligibility and Mandatory Forms...
    In order to be academically eligible to try-out for a sport at HHS, please understand the following information:

    1.       All incoming 9th graders are automatically academically eligible to try-out for a Fall or Winter sport during their freshman year.

    2.       For every subsequent semester after the first semester of your freshman year, the student-athlete must have earned 2.5 units (essentially, passed five classes) during the previous semester. 

    3.       In addition to the 2.5 units earned in the previous semester, the following are further requirements for 10th-12th grade student-athletes:

    ·         Entering 10th grade (Fall semester):  Student-athlete must have accumulated a minimum of five units during freshman year

    ·         Entering 11th grade (Fall semester): Student-athlete must have accumulated a minimum of eleven units during freshman and sophomore years.

    ·         Entering 12th grade (Fall semester): Student-athlete must have accumulated a minimum of seventeen units during his/her freshman, sophomore, and junior years.


    **If you have moved/transferred to HHS any time after beginning your freshman year, then you might be ineligible to participate for one year from the time of your move/transfer.  Please see Coach Melton to explain your move/transfer, and he will look into your eligibility further.


    Mandatory Forms 

    In addition to the info about academics above, the HHS student-athlete must ALSO have all of the following provided to his/her coach in order to try-out:

    1.       Up-to-date physical on the GHSA-approved physical form  Physical Form (printable)

    2.       Insurance/Consent form completely filled out  Insurance/Consent Form (printable)

    3.       HCBOE code of conduct form  Code of Conduct (printable) 

    4.    Heat forms   Heat forms (printable)     

          5.     Concussion awareness form  Concussion form (printable)

          6.    $40 Athletic Fee (only to be paid once a school year by each student-athlete and actually paid AFTER making the team) 

    HHS student-athletes will not be allowed to try-out for a sport if they are not academically eligible AND have not turned in all of the required forms listed.