2016-2017 Varsity

Hornets' Welcome

  • Welcome to Hornet Hoops, 


    We are currently entering our 4th year of competition of Varsity Basketball. We are currently entering year 3 under the supervision of Coach William Gordon. We have made very strong strides growing the program academically, athletically, and socially. The Hornets who went 0-26 in the first year under Coach Gordon. In year two, Hampton was moved up a Class and now competes in Class 5 Region 4 of the GHSA. During this season, the Hornets vastly improved to a record of  14-12. In addition to the improvement in record, the Hornets were also champions of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday tournaments they participated in. The Hornets also improved by having every player eligibe for every single game during the 2016-2017. The Hornets have been fortunate enough to carry three(3) teams during the two(2) seasons Coach Gordon has been at the helm. This has allowed for us to develop a system and grow our program to hopefully start competing at a high level in Region 5. 


    We encourage every child interested in basketball to try-out for the team. We offer a pre-season workout to help condition students to be at their physical best when it comes times for try-outs. The expectation for those who have a serious about playing basktball must understand that weight lifting, conditioning, and skill work is all highly recommended. In addition to this physical work, maintaining grades, school behavior and overall dedication to the program are aspects that will be taken into account during try-outs. We believe that the best players will show a combination of the attributes listed above. Playing sports at the high school requires commitment not just from the athlete, but also from the athlete's family. We look forward to everyone will be participating. Please click on the requirement tab to see full requirements. 


    In Hoops, 

    Hornets' Coaching Staff