• Tips from Successful Impact Academy Students

    “I try to keep myself focused. I make sure I take my own notes during the teaching video. I use those to help me with my review. If I don't understand something I will go back and rewatch the video. By me taking my own notes it helps me remember the material.” – Carmen

    “I keep an agenda, take notes in every class, and I usually try to spend around an hour in each class. I am trying to make more quality use of my time as well.” – Lorna

     “A couple things that I do to stay on pace are making sure that I get enough sleep, and playing instrumental music while I am working so that I don't get restless.” – Taylor

    “I stick to the same schedule every day, and I don’t change it. I also have to work in a room with other people who help me stay focused. I ask for retakes on quizzes and tests if I don’t make at least an 80.” – Timothy

    “I write down notes during each lecture. Although it takes longer to get through a lecture it is definitely helpful. Also I look over my notes before my pre tests. I have also established a new idea where every other day starting with monday I wake up at my old scheduled time, which was 6:30 and I work on classes I need to focus on the most until I have to go to school at 10:00.” – Alexandria

    “Well, I do keep a notebook and I do have a schedule. My schedule consist of three percentages. The first one is the absolute least amount of work I need to do. The second is usually the percentage of where I need to be that day. Then the third is usually an extra day or two of work. I get all the percentages from the calender. I take notes for every lesson. I do spend a lot of time on my notes I take anywhere from an hour to an hour and half even once took 2 hours writting down notes per lesson. I do write down what it says on each slide but I also write what he says inbetween. It is a lot of notes i usually have about three or four pages. I read over them about two or three times before I take the quiz and I usually do pretty good. If I start a lesson I finish it that day. The information is still fresh in my mind. I have a pretty bad memory so I do better if I just do it all right then and there. When I do my quiz's and if I get a 90 the first time I do the second retake just to see if I can do better. If I know I know the information I ask for a third retake. I am one of those students where every .1 of a point counts and it really adds up in the end if you do a lot of work worth just that .1 !”- Haley


    “One thing that helps me a lot is physically writing down everything I need to do for the day on a piece of paper. I will organize it by subject and then right each component of it underneath. For example:


    -Lecture (Boyle's Law)


    -Online Content



    For some reason, having a copy of exactly what I need to do, and it all being laid out in front of me makes things seem more manageable. Also, it feels really good to be able to cross out each step and watch the list get shorter and shorter. 
    I know we have the assignment calender that does exactly this, but I guess its just easier for me to see all the subjects together.” - Summer


     “The way that I stay organized is mostly,just that I've been writing down things that I need to know because when I write things down,I can usually remember it better than hearing it or typing it.I've also been telling myself not to stress too much and just do my best,because I have to remember than I am not limited to a certain amount of hours,like in physical school.Since I go to my home school for two classes,I have a funny schedule,but I try to get up at a reasonable time and just start working on whatever is the most behind first and just keep going from there.” – Kyla

    “I have a couple of quiet places that I set up to do my work.  I also have a notebook where everytime I watch a video lesson I take down the notes along with any notes I find interesting or helpful or that could be useful later.  My schedule is hectic and very busy so I try to work on impact every free minute I get. When I get behind, I get this guilty feeling and that pushes me to strive further and do more of my work somehow.” – Monica

    “Usually I would just do one lesson a day per subject, but to stay ahead I'm doing as much as I can in each subject until I feel like my head is about to explode or something! My goal is to do as much work as I can because I'm leaving for vacation from the 11th to the 30th. I also would like to finish school early and that's my greatest motivation.” – Shae

    “I use an agenda and at the begining of each week I write down what I need to complete in each class for each day. As I go through the week I cross off what I have completed.” – Rachel

    “Time management is a big thing for  me, i sit down and tell myself "I am not going to get up untill i finsh this subject for today" or "I will let myself take a break at 2:00" I do also keep a binder with dividers to seperate all my subjects, it makes it a lot easier to have one place than tons of notebooks..I use lined paper and also use holepunches for extra sheet I find online or Teachers give me... I also wake up at the same time daily and start early. I hope this can help some other students!” –Isabella

     “What I'll typically do is I'll do my hardest classes first so I can get them out of the way and the work gets easier, not harder. I'll end with economics and I'll basically copy down all the notes from the video slides and write down anything else I think is important.” – Danielle

     “I and my dad were talking at the beginning of the semester and came up with the idea that there are 90 days in the semester and 100% to complete, so we divided 100/90 and got approximately 1.3% per day, then we bumped that up slightly to 1.5% per day and that has kept me well ahead of the online pace and gives me an approximate month to focus on finals and anything else that should potentially "pop-up". That's just something that has helped me personally prioritize what I need to get done and what has already been done for the day.” – Christopher

     “For each of my classes, I have a section in a binder where I put my notes.  I handwrite all of my notes because I know that I will retain the information better.  Also, I connect the material with my family and life now.  With the unit we're on now, I connect it to my great-grandparents. My great-grandmother used to tell me stories, and so when I learn more about her time era, it's easier to keep up. Other than that, I don't really have any other tips, because I pretty much procrastinate until I actually want to do the work and then it's just easier for me to do. Haha” – Kayla

     “The way I am organized is by keeping all of my notes by writing them in subject notebooks.  I really don't do anything that help me be successful other than reviewing my notes.  I think this program works for me because of less distractions.” - Cordell 

     “Basically all I do is write notes on loose leaf paper and put them in a binder that is labeled with all my classes.” – Rianna

    What makes YOU a successful Impact Academy student?