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    Transportation Procedures for UGM

    Arrival Procedures for All Students - Arrival Starts at 8:15 a.m. dailyThe drop-off time has changed for the 21-22 school year for all HCS middle schools. The drop-off time for car-riders is 8:15 AM. Please do not drop off students before that time as doors will not be unlocked and there is no supervision until 8:15 AM.  

    Upon arrival at 8:15AM, all students will report to homeroom first. Students who desire to eat breakfast should check in with homeroom first before heading to the cafeteria.  

    • Students not in their classroom by 8:45AM will be marked tardy and will need to sign in late in the main office. 
    • Athletes will be allowed to drop their equipment off in the locker rooms upon arrival to school.
    • Students with an instrument will be allowed to drop off the instrument in the morning. The students will be allowed to enter the cafeteria and walk through the gym to the connections hallway then follow the arrows to the appropriate drop off room.
    • Car Rider students will enter in one of three areas:
    • 8th graders through the front lobby
    • 7th graders through the front doors by the counseling office
    • 6th graders through the side doors at the top of the sixth grade hallway.


    • Bus Riders will enter in the following manner:
    • 8th graders will enter the bus lane doors closest to the media center, at the top of the 8th grade hallway
    • 6th and 7th grade students will enter the bus lane doors closest to the cafeteria


    Afternoon Dismissal Procedures

    Car Riders:

    • For the 2021-2022 school year, UGMS will be utilizing a number system for car riders.
    • Students will be assigned a car tag based on grade level:

    600 numbers for 6th Graders

    700 numbers for 7th Graders

    800 numbers for 8th Graders

    900 numbers for siblings (instead of multiple numbers)

    • Car rider tag sign-ups will begin the week of August 9th, with distribution occurring the week of August 16th.
    • Each car rider will receive two car tags to hang from up to two vehicles, and one transportation tag per student that can be tied to the student’s book bag
    • Parents who are picking up car riders can park alongside the back road behind Wolverine Stadium and continue to park there all the way back behind the high school (see diagram)
    • Starting at 3:45 pm, personnel will begin to walk alongside the first cars parked and will begin to enter numbers into the transportation display screen that students will see inside the building during dismissal.
    • When signaled, the first 24 cars will be directed to pull to the front of the school through the bus lane by personnel directing traffic.
    • The first 24 cars will be parked in front of the building, while the next 24 car tag numbers are entered while parked behind Wolverine Stadium.
    • At 3:55 pm, the first wave of car riders (along with walkers) will be dismissed, exiting the building through the same entrances from the morning.
    • From 3:55 pm – 4:00 pm, Wave 1 car riders will be loaded, with cars being dismissed to exit by Wolverine Stadium and East Lake Road. Any car rider parent whose child has not loaded by 3:55 pm will need to park in an empty space in the front parking area to wait for their child.
    • At 4:00 pm, or whenever the first wave of car riders has exited safely, the next wave of cars pull into the front parking area.
    • An announcement for Wave 2 car riders will be made, and Wave 2 car riders will exit the front and load. During this time, personnel will be entering car rider wave 3 numbers for students to see in the school.
    • This process will repeat until buses have dismissed, at which point a second car rider lane can be created in the bus lane to help with dismissal processes.



    Bus Riders:

    Bus riders are similarly dismissed in waves of four buses at a time, in between dismissals for car riders in the afternoon. Students exit through the same doors they entered in the morning when they first arrived by bus.