• Welcome to Ms. Rutherford's Page
    K. Rutherford
                       Hello and welcome to my page!  You will find lts of information to help you contact me and my class information.
                       The best way to contact me is via email: kellie.rutherford@henry.k12.ga.us or Remind. 
                                             I will list the codes for remind and google classroom below.
    I teach the following grades and classes:
    6th grade Math, Science, Social Studies and I am the Co-teacher with Mrs. Gaynor for Language Arts.
    Remind Codes:
    6th grade math: @2cgdea
    6th grade Science and Social Studies: @d9a62kf
    7th & 8th Grade Science: @33ad8d
    Here is the remind code for my caseload: @fbad6f
    Google Classroom Codes: 
    6th grade Math- kxftkrl
    6th gr. Co-Taught ELA with Mrs. Gaynor- 4xyosgh
    6th gr Science- plnevxf
    6th gr Social Studies- hsqoe4n
    7th & 8th gr Science- vmvbsl2
    During this time of remote learning, the academic schedule is as follows:
    I am availiable M-F 10AM to 12PM and 1PM to 3PM.
    The class schedule is as follows:
    Monday and Tuesday- Language Arts, Social Studies, and 1st Connection Classes
    Wednesday and Thursday- Mathematics, Science, and 2nd Connection Classes.
    Friday- All assignments and IXL due.
    I will post assignments via google classroom along lesson plans for the week.
    Lesson plans for each subjest area will be posted on this web page as well.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!
                                                                         Happy Learning!!!
                                                                                     Very Important :
    Unfortunately while we all work hard to deal with the current situation here in the office and at home there are others who are trying to take advantage of our distraction.  Please be aware that criminal organizations have started global malware and phishing campaigns that seek to take advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to infect victims machines with information stealing malware.



    Cyber attackers are known to leverage global hot topics to increase the credibility of their attack methods. The Coronavirus outbreak is no different in this regard.   Although we haven’t observed any attack that leverages the pandemic so far, we would like to bring some recent examples that were discovered by security experts worldwide to your attention. Please be aware of:

    -          Phishing emails with links that direct users to a so-called donation web pages to support various medical research to battle coronavirus.

    -          Phishing emails with attachments that claim to include information about coronavirus prevention. The attachments include different kinds of information stealing malware.

    -          Malicious files that claim to display real-time cartographic presentations of the Coronavirus spread in the world. The files contain a malware named AZORult that exfiltrates all the data including credentials and payment information in a victim’s browser.


    What you should do in case you face similar attacks as above:

    -          DO NOT REPLY to suspicious emails in context of the Coronavirus.

    -          DO NOT CLICK on links in context of the Coronavirus in suspicious emails, text messages or on various media platforms such as Facebook, WeChat, Telegram or WhatsApp.

    -          DO NOT OPEN or DOWNLOAD any suspicious attachments in context of the Coronavirus.

    -          DO NOT SHARE or PROVIDE your personal data or passwords on any online platform in context of the Coronavirus.