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    Guardian Accounts
    There are TWO steps in this process.  To take advantage of the full monitoring experience of your child, please complete both steps.
    1.   Using your child's credentials, log on to http://www.edgenuity.com/SIS-Login.  Click on the "Add Guardian" button in the left sidebar.  Complete all of  the information, using a frequently-checked email address, and active daytime telephone number.  Make sure you write down your chosen username and password.  You may now log in using YOUR new credentials, to read teacher emails, and check your child's daily progress. 
    • NOTE:  The SIS-Login Dashboard only updates ONCE daily, after midnight.  The grades and progress are NOT real-time.  But, if you check progress in the morning, this would be the most accurate measure of your child's progress from the day before.  Also, if your child is showing 1-2% behind, that means they still need to do that day's work to be 'on target'. 
    2.  If you would like daily, weekly, or monthly progress reports auto-emailed to you, as well as access to "real-time" progress and grades, please complete the following survey application.  You will be emailed an access code and web address, with directions for activation.  Parent Access Code Request