• Parent Afternoon Pickup Procedures 2014-2015


    Hello, Union Grove High School parents and those who pick students up in the afternoons.

    You may have notice that I, Deputy Hardy your School Resource Officer, have been in the front parking lot lining up cars in the afternoons and there is a reason for this. Each year we experience pickup issues in the afternoon. The issues range from heavy flow in the pick-up lane itself and the overflow on East Lake Road. Over the past few years I have worked to manage the traffic within the parking lot to provide the most efficient and safe environment for the students, staff, and those picking students up. This letter contains the procedures I would like everyone to follow so that we can provide the safest environment for all. These procedures are the best way I have found to keep things flowing as much as possible and to ensure everyone can get in and out safely.

    1.     If you are first in line at the school, please pull up and fill the gaps between cars. Please do not park your car down by the loop if there is space all the way up in front of the building.  This will ensure we can fit as many cars as possible in the pick-up lane and limit the overflow on to East Lake Road.
    2.     PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE LOOP AT THE WEST END OF THE SCHOOL.  The loop is very tight and difficult for two cars to fit side by side. We need to keep this lane open for emergencies. We also have parents of handicap students who need closer access to the building for wheelchairs, etc.  Please do not block the loop.
    3.     Please keep your vehicles to the far right as you enter the line waiting for your student.  There is enough room to provide two lanes in front of the school. There needs to be one available, again for those who need to leave before the last bell and those with handicap students. This is very important.
    4.  Parents are NOT ALLOWED to pick up students in the student parking lot.

    Please adhere to these very important procedures throughout the school year.

    During End of Semester Early exam pickups we have even more traffic and will have to manage traffic even more diligently. These procedures will still come into play during those times but it may be necessary to adapt and make changes. Please follow any direction provided in a calm manner as these changes may be necessary to allow a more easy flow of traffic.  

    Thank You and Let’s have a safe year.