Teacher Name: Stacey Hicks 
    School Email Address: Stacey.hicks@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach:First Grade
    Things to do in the summer to continue academic growth:
    1. Read everyday
    2. Write in a journal daily (about your day, something you read, special events, or just be creative)
    3. Create flashcards with addition and subtraction math facts, sightwords
    4. Create a picture book of new vocabulary you may hear or read 
    5. Limit screen time
    6. Play outside with family and friends
    7. Play board games
    8. Try something new

     If you need to reach out to me please don't hesitate via Class Dojo or email (stacey.hicks@henry.k12.ga.us)


      first grade rocks