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    Teacher Name: Mrs. Rosen
    School Email Address:arosen@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: English IV and English II
    English IV 
          This class is a survey of British literature with a focus on research-based argumentative and informational writing. In regards to the multiple British texts that will be read, a focus on short fiction and non-fiction will be addressed as well as a focus on primary and secondary documents from Great Britain’s history. Poetry from England and the rest of Great Britain will be used as supplemental reading, and pieces of artwork will be analyzed for additional learning. One major priority of this class in regards to the various types of writing that students will be required to produce is the use of evidence from the texts that will be read to support the writer’s claims and opinions.
    English II 

    Utilizing the Georgia Standards of Excellence, this course will focus on developing literacy skills through an integrated study of reading, writing, grammar, word study, speaking, listening, and critical thinking. Students explore different genres of classic literature: short stories, nonfiction, novels, poetry, drama and the epic. Grammar and composition skills will be strengthened by writing journals, as well as informational and argumentative essays.

    If questions, please e-mail me at arosen@henry.k12.ga.us. Thank you!