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    Hello!  I am Mr. Coto the art teacher at Mount Carmel Elementary. I love making art and helping others make art.  
    Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we embark on our remote learning plan. Please email (Jeremy.coto@henry.k12.ga.us) with any questions you may have regarding the assignments listed on my Remote Learning tab. Please check my page daily for updates.
  • Here are some materials you might want to have close by when you are attending our art session:

    Paper                                     Pencil

    Crayons                                 Color Pencils

    Markers                                 Glue

    Scissors                                 Ruler

    If you dont have these items, it'll be okay! We may not use all of these items for every class but these are things you may want to gather and have close to your workspace when you attend art class.