Eagle's Landing Middle School National Jr. BETA CLUB
    For all eligible 6th - 7th and 8th Grade Students

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    Sponsor: Mrs. T. Gilner and Mrs. S. Rozier

    The National Junior Beta Club is an honor organization that recognizes outstanding academic achievement, promotes strong moral character and social responsibility, encourages service to others, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for you to develop strong interpersonal skills.

    Who qualifies for membership in the ELMS JUNIOR BETA CLUB?
    Eagle's Landing Middle School students with a grade point average of 3.5 (a minimal average of half A’s and half B’s in one and two semester courses), who also exemplify strong character, and have maintained role model behavior throughout the last school year (no administrative referrals or periods in in-school or out-of-school suspension) are eligible to apply for membership in the Eagle’s Landing Middle School Junior Beta Club.

    What are the dues for members?

    There is a one-time fee of $20 collected prior to induction. This includes a $15 national induction fee, and $5 local dues. Local dues are payable at the beginning of each year of membership and are used to pay for club expenses during the year. You may wish to explore the National Beta Club website at www.betaclub.org to learn more about the benefits that are included in the induction fee.

    How do I apply for membership?
    If your final report card from the fifth, sixth or seventh grade reflects a 3.5 grade point average, and you desire to fulfill the Beta Club participation and service requirements, please complete the attached application form and ask two teachers to complete the attached recommendation forms. At least one of the recommending teachers should be from last year, unless you are new to Eagle’s Landing Middle School. If you are new to ELMS, please give one form to a core teacher and the other to a Connections teacher. Also, if you are new to ELMS, please submit a copy of your final report card from last year.