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    Clinic News

    Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day!!!
    I have been having quite a few visits to the clinic for tummy aches and headaches. Please make sure that your child eats breakfast before they come to the school or when they get here!
    Eating breakfast helps:
    1) Provides food energy for the morning's active work.
    2) Gets children ready to learn - at home, school, or during studies. Children learn better if they eat breakfast. If you eat breakfast, it may also help you get more done.
    3) Breakfast also helps you feel good!
    4) Children who eat breakfast have a better attitude and alertness throughout the day.
    Not eating breakfast can cause:
    1) Stomach aches
    2) Tiredness
    3) Fuzzy Brains
    4) Headaches
    We offer breakfast here at school untill 7:35 a.m. If you plan for yor child to eat breakfast here at school, please have them arrive at school with enough time to eat and be back in class by 7:45 a.m. The cost of breakfast is $1.15
    Other School Clinic Information :
     The principal should be notified in writing if a student has a chronic illness or disability that could require special or emergency treatment.
    • Contagious illness:  If a student has been identified as possibly having a contagious illness, the school system will follow the infectious disease reporting protocol including recommendations from the Health Department.  The parent/guardian must provide a release to school signed by a medical doctor indicating the date the student can return to school.

    You will find below other forms that may be needed throughout the year. 

     We are looking forward to a great year and appreciate your help in keeping the children happy and healthy.