Pleasant Grove Elementary

    The N.B. A. Club

    Never Been Absent


    The Research:

    According to the National Center for School Engagement (2005), there are three building blocks for school success: attendance, attachment, and achievement. Students are more likely to become engaged in school when 1) they have positive relationships with school personnel, 2) welcoming school climates exist, 3) school-based supports and resources are available, and 4) they feel safe because issues of bullying and student harassment are effectively addressed. Strong attendance and attachment are essential components for student achievement.

    Facts Sheet:

    1.       Chronic Absence means missing 5% or more of the school year (equivalent to 9 days out of a 180 day school year) regardless of whether absences are Excused or Unexcused.

    2.       Absent Rate should not exceed 2.25 days a Quarter.


                    The N.B.A Club has been structured to motivate and encourage students to attend school on a daily basis. Students cannot have any absences, tardies, or early check-outs to become a member of the N.B.A Club for the nine weeks. At the end of each nine weeks, students will have another opportunity to join the club.

    How the Club Works:

    1.       Students with 100% attendance all week will be entered into a classroom drawing for a prize.

    2.       Students who have 100% attendance at the end of each nine weeks will receive a pass to attend the NBA incentive activity/party.

    3.       The N.B.A. Club starts over each nine weeks.

    4.       Students can only participate in the club if they are not absent from school (excused and unexcused), tardy, or have an early check out.



    ******* This club is based solely on attendance not behavior*******