• Partners:
    Please remember to try to attend our meetings each month.  :)  We understand you are involved in lots of other activities and think that's awesome.  However,  if you have conflicts and can't make it to the meeting, remember, all you have to do is check in with us within 3 school days and we will give you the minutes from the meeting and mark you as having checked in.  (It's the same as attending!)
    Click here for the Partners Club Contract.
    Click here for the Partners Club Application
    Meeting dates were given to you in the original application packet, posted outside room 209, and are announced every day the week of the meeting.  If you need another copy, the meeting dates are listed below.
     September 11
    October 2
    November 6
    December 4
    January 8
    February 5
    March 4
    April 1
    May 6


    All meetings are at 8:30 in Ms. Price's room.
    Thanks again to all of our partners for all you do for our kids.  You are making a difference!