Freshman students improve your grade and your GPA.  Here is some information on second chance opportunities please click the link to learn more information. Henry County Second Chance Program Info and DHS Second Chance Info.
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    Edgenuity Biology

    Your child has been provided with the opportunity to retest any exam that you have failed in order to show mastery of the standards for Biology. Prior to retesting, you must complete the appropriate tasks and assignments within Edgenuity(http://learn.education2020.com/student) that correspond to the failed tests/standards. All assignments and quizzes may be taken at home; however, TESTS MUST BE TAKEN AT SCHOOL (either after school by appointment with your teacher or during Saturday school). When you have completed the required assignments and shown mastery of the standards, your Edgenuity grade will be averaged into your final grade.


    **If all required tasks and assignments are not completed to the teacher’s satisfaction by Dec. 14th, your course average will not be affected/improved.


    Please note that your Edgenuity log-in and password information is the same as your Henry County computer/network log in information.

    For questions please e-mail your Biology teacher.  Thank you