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    Graphics and Design

    Instructor: Mr. Arnold Chad Drake 
      BSED : UGA - Tech. Education 
    MED: UGA- Tech. Education 
     My name is Arnold  Chad Drake and  have been teaching twenty seven years. I have  always had a passion for design and hope to share that passion with my students. My goal  is to foster students creative  talents and  enlighten students to the possibilities of using those talents for a carrier in the field of Graphics and Design and Print Production. Thou we are starting  via remote larning we are still going to have a great year and make the very best of this time.
    Graphic Design is a course designed to develop students understanding and appreciation of design. This course will provide a strong foundation in the basic principles of graphic design. Students will learn to communicate visually, presenting their own ideas and information graphically by applying graphic design principles in their own work. They will also interpret visual representations presented to them. The course will teach students to solve problems graphically. Students will apply creative techniques to create innovative and effective design solutions. Students will also learn about the history of design. Though the course is structured around computer assisted graphic design, other types of design are discussed as well. Students will learn to use InDesign and Photoshop that will be provided for them, and will be required to create several design compositions using these programs.
    School Phone Number: 770-320-7997 School Contact Times: 3:25-4:45
    1st Place  2013 Design Comp. Awards Program 2013