What is the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl?  It is a friendly team competition between schools as students answer questions about books they have read.  At the elementary level, it's open to 4th and 5th grade students.  Only 10 students can be on the final team.  There will be competitions with other schools in our county and if our team wins, there will be competitions with schools from other counties.  Everyone who participates will receive special certificates and the winning teams get a trophy! 
    What books do you read?  The quiz bowl questions will all be about the 15 -17 chapter books nominated for the Georgia Children’s Book Award this year.  The list of books can be found at http://www.dekalb.k12.ga.us/hrrb/elementarybooklist.html.  Note: We will not be reading Ashes by Kathryn Lasky.  The content is not appropriate for elementary students.
    When will the team meet and practice?  The Reading Bowl team will meet each Monday afternoon beginning soon from 2:30 – 3:30.  In January we may lengthen our practice sessions until 4:00 as we approach competition time.  We will let you know by the first of December.  Parents will need to pick up students at 3:30 or arrange for After School Care for those days. 

    How will we prepare each time we meet?  In order to prepare for the Reading Bowl competition, we will read and discuss the books, write practice questions, practice using the competition buzzers, and memorize facts about the books.

    What is required of Reading Bowl team members?  Students must have good grades, especially in reading.  Students on the team must read at least 8 of books (more is better!), attend all practice sessions, and participate in the competition.

    Is there any cost?  We will be buying t-shirts for our team members but we will cover these costs.  The Media Center has copies of the books for the students to check out and read.  Students are also welcome to purchase copies of the books for themselves, but this is NOT required. 

    What is the benefit of being part of this team?  First, students are able to share their love of reading with others.  Second, students are given the chance to participate in friendly competition (involving cool buzzers like on Jeopardy).  Finally, team members will be allowed to check out a Reading Bowl book which other students don’t have access to yet!