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         Mr. Goldgar
    Dean Goldgar


    Subjects I Teach: AP Calculus AB; AP Calculus BC; Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus
    A little bit about me:  I have been teaching 35 years, and my 8th at Luella.  I have a BS in Mathematics and a Masters in Mathematics Education. Though I changed majors many times in college I always took math classes for the enjoyment of the subject (prior majors: Marine Biology, Oceanography, English, Economics...and eventually Math).  I have two daughters, one in 12th grade and one in 10th, who are in school at Rockdale Magnet School.  I enjoy outdoor activities such as bicycling, hiking/backpacking, running (slowly), and nature photography.
    All class-related materials can be accessed by students in Google Classroom (more information on this in class) 
            I would like to welcome everyone to the 2019-20 school year.  My classes are aimed at preparing students to be successful at the college level.  
            The expectation in AP Calculus is that all students will take and pass the AP exam in May, and the course is aimed every step of the way at having that happen.  As the end of the year approaches we will take several full length practice exams to ensure that students are prepared.  
            Honors Pre-Calculus/Pre-Calculus is a rigorous course with an emphasis on mathematical reasoning and problem solving. The year starts off with a rigorous study of all things trigonometric during the first semester, followed by a study of matrices, vectors, polar functions and conic sections.  For the students who will be taking statistics the following year, the last unit will be a statistics unit.  For the students who will be taking calculus the following year we will end with a look at strengthening the prerequisite skills needed to be prepared for calculus.