Welcome to 7th Grade
     English Language Arts
    Teacher Name: Dr.Shirlicia Hamilton 
    School Email Address: shamilton@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: 7th Grade English Language Arts
      Strive for greatness!    
    The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge.  (Seymour Papert)
     Dear Students and Families,  
          Welcome to 7th Grade English Language Arts!  I'm excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I'm looking forward to a happy and productive school year  at HMS where you will gain a personalized learning experience.  It is my goal that each student is empowered to take ownership of their learning and tailor the learning opportunities to suit their personal style, ability, and interest.                                                                      
                                                                  Dr. Shirlicia Hamilton  
                                                                 (Language Arts Department Chair)