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    School Mission, Vision, and Goals


    What is our image of a successful school for our stakeholders?

    At Oakland Elementary we expect excellence, value diversity, and embrace family and community involvement. We are guided by our motto: O.W.L.S.: Opportunities for Wisdom, Leadership, and Success


    How will we make our vision a reality?

    Oakland Elementary prepares each student for academic and personal success in an ever-changing global community by creating opportunities for every child to excel every day!


    What standards guide our mission?

    We Believe…….

    -All students can learn and succeed.

    -All students deserve a level playing field through dedicated teaching of the CCGPS.

    -All students deserve a safe, orderly, nurturing and risk-free learning environment.

    -Diversity is valued and celebrated.

    - All students are deserving of highly qualified professional educators.

    -It takes all stakeholders to ensure the success of every student.

     School Improvement Plan Click here for the  current OKE School Improvement Plan