• Courses
     Middle School Courses (2017-2018)
     Courses subject to change


    Grade Academic Courses

    Math 6

    English/Language Arts 6

    Earth Science 6

    World Studies 6


    Grade Academic Courses

    Math 7

    English/Language Arts 7

    Life Science 7

    World Studies 7


    Grade Academic Courses

    Math 8

    English/Language Arts 8

    Physical Science 8

    Georgia Studies 8

    Early High School Courses (available for 8th Graders ONLY)

    GSE Algebra


    Personal Fitness

    Chinese (Mandarin) I

    Spanish I

    Latin I    

    Connections Courses (available for 6-8th graders)

    Skills for Adolescence (6th grade/new students only) (Blackboard)

    Career Explorations

    Engineering and Technology

    Coding for Middle School 

    Middle Grades Spanish

    Visual Arts 1 & 2 (Blackboard)

    Digital Photography

    Physical Educatio
    Middle School Journalism
    Book Study:  Peak
    Agricultural Education, Year 1 and Year 2 (Blackboard)

    Middle School students have the choice of taking connections courses online or on-site at their traditional school. 

    (transportation not provided)