• FAQs
    Is there tuition for Impact Academy? 
    Impact Academy is a Henry County Schools program of choice.  There is no tuition. 
    Home Schooling:
    Can I do my online classes on my phone? 

    The answer is no.  It is very difficult to take an online class solely on your phone. Students must have access to a computer and Internet.


    Is Impact Academy the same as home schooling? 
    Students enrolled in Impact Academy complete a large portion of their learning tasks at home, but they are participating in a program of Henry County Schools. The curriculum is approved by the school district and state for earning middle and high school credits that can lead to a high school diploma.
    What kind of diploma will my child receive after completing Impact Academy? 
    Impact Academy students who complete all the requirements for graduation will receive a high school diploma from their school of enrollment. 
    Special Needs:
    My child has an IEP. Does Impact Academy enroll students with special needs?  
    Yes, Impact Academy accepts students with disabilities. The main issue to be considered is whether or not the independent nature of online instruction will be the best fit for a student.  The IEP team at the school of enrollment MUST meet to determine if Impact Academy is the best fit for the student before enrollment acceptance.
    Online Learning Environment:
    How do I get help from teachers if I am having difficulty with my course(s)?
    Teachers will provide feedback on any assignments or projects you complete. Parents can also contact teachers via email, text, or through the course message center.
    Study Cafe is provided to 8th through 12th grade students on Mondays and Wednesdays and to 6th and 7th grade students on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  During these on campus sessions, students are able to receive assistance from their teachers, participate in projects, activities, and live lessons, and have tests proctored.  There are also scheduled "invitation only" days in which struggling students are required to attend for additional help.
    How will students be evaluated?
    Progress is measured through quizzes, exams, written essays, assignments, projects and semester exams.
    Where can I get a course pacing chart?
    Course pacing charts are provided in each course. These charts will help students plan their work so that they will complete the course by the end of the school year. Pacing charts are located within the Assignment Calendar area of the course.
    What role do the teachers play in Impact Academy?
    Teachers are the heart of Impact Academy. It is the role of the teachers to meet individual learning needs of the students enrolled in their courses. Teachers hold weekly online class sessions during which students can ask questions and have discussions with their teacher and classmates. Teachers are also available by phone and email, and students are encouraged to contact their teachers with questions.
    Our family travels quite a bit. Would that be a problem in Impact Academy?
    As long as internet access is available, students can log into the Impact Academy site and access courses. Students should notify their teachers by email if they will be unable to access the Internet for a period of time.  Tests must be proctored by a teacher.  Students are expected to come to campus at least once per week.
    How do I know whether or not my child would be successful doing online learning?
    Some of the qualities that we have seen in the most successful online students are:
    ·         The ability to work independently.
    ·         The willingness to ask for help when needed. There are many opportunities to get help from teachers,  from other students, or from technical support. Students have to be willing to make use of those resources and let someone know if they don't understand something.
    ·         Some internal motivation to succeed in the program. Students who are forced into an online learning environment will be less likely to be successful 
    ·         Reading skills are important. Much of the work in an online course is text-based.

    There are some things that parents can do to help children be successful at Impact Academy.

    ·         Help them set up a schedule for school to follow every day. Students should plan on approximately one hour of work per day for every class they are enrolled in, plus some extra time for outside readings or writing papers.      
    ·         Provide an area for them to work that has limited distractions and where all their materials are available to them.
    ·         Encourage them to discuss their work. These discussions can give parents clues as to whether they understand the materials and the assignments, and potential problems can be headed off before they turn into bigger problems.
    Take the self -assessment quiz here  https://registration.gavirtualschool.org/registration/survey.aspx   

    D  Do I have to be at home all the time my child is doing schoolwork? 

         That is not required; however it is important for children to know that parents are interested in how they are doing in school. It is unrealistic for most school-aged students to handle the total responsibility of an online learning environment without any parental intervention. Impact Academy does not require students to do all of their coursework during the traditional school hours, so it may be beneficial for some families to schedule at least some of their "school time" during hours that parents are home to provide support.

    Do we have to have High Speed Internet Access to participate in Impact Academy?

    Yes, high speed Internet access definitely makes the experience of learning online much more satisfying. It is recommended that families have Broadband or DSL. 

    Are there requirements for a student computer?

    Yes. Every Impact Academy student must have access to their county-issued Chromebook. There may be some additional technology requirements depending on the student's course load. If there are technology problems, where a student cannot access the course, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide this technology access.  A student may not come to the home school or the Impact Academy offices to use technology in lieu of having that access at home.  Be sure to click on "Check Plugins" on Edgenuity to make sure all of the correct software is loaded on your child's computer.  Also, there are free options for an Office suite (word processing, presentations, spreadsheets) such as Open Office and Libre Office.

    Student Life:  

    Can my child participate in extra-curricular activities at the school for which he/she is enrolled?

    Yes, Impact Academy students may participate in extra-curricular activities at the school for which they are zoned.  Students are encouraged to participate in activities that interest them.  Students can find more information at their school of residence about how to become involved.
    How long and how much work should my child expect to complete as an online student?
    Students can expect to spend at least ONE HOUR per course, per day.  For example, if your child takes  6 classes, it is expected that they will spend about 6 hours per day, 30 hours per week doing schoolwork to stay on track and on pace, which mimics the time spent in a traditional setting doing schoolwork.  When a student falls behind the work load expectation, they will need to spend up to 8-10 hours per day working to 'catch up'.  All course work with Impact Academy is due for completion by the end of each semester, just like traditional school.  Students may choose to work on weekends and holiday breaks, when no new assignments are posted.  It is advisable to work ahead, so that you may take your own breaks for family travel, etc.  
    How should my child be organized for a school day at home?
    Students will need to be self-disciplined, scheduled, and organized to be successful.  Make up a daily schedule to follow as routine, get up at the same time, eat lunch at the same time, take breaks between hours, etc.  Keep a notebook for each class, separate from each other.  Avoid distractions such as social media, cell phones, text messaging, changing music every 5 min., etc.  Music is good for concentration if you leave it on a channel and let it play through.  Be active, get exercise daily.  Daily routines are still just as important for older learners as they are for younger ones.  Just because they are in high school doesn't mean they don't need routines!
    My child will be taking some classes at the traditional school.  How should I schedule the time for online classes?
    That largely depends on when they go into the school and how long they stay, as well as what kind of transportation is available.  Some students stay at the school with their counselor's or AP's permission to work on their online courses.  If the class(es) are first thing in the morning, then they come home, get a snack, and then expect to have to work at least one hour per online course per day.  Mid afternoon traditional classes may require students to work on 1 or 2 online classes first thing in the morning, then the rest in the afternoon after school, OR work into the evening and night to finish online hours.  It is important to make those decisions as a family, based on a schedule that works best for you, and stick to them as a daily routine.  Students splitting their time between traditional and online courses (mixed) must be extremely vigilant with their time, and require more parent monitoring to ensure the proper time is being spent on both.  Remember:  One online course = One hour per day, 5 hours per week.
    Parent Tools:

    As a parent, how can I check on my son/daughter's progress in Impact Academy?

    Parents will have access to Parent Portal to view student grades, assessments, and schedule.  Additionally, the parent should have the student's login information for the learning management system so that they can check their student's progress.  Click here to request a Parent Access Code for a currently enrolled student.


    Is there required participation in state standardized testing?

    Yes, all high school students are required to take Georgia Milestones End-of-Course (EOC) Tests.  If the high school course has a Milestones and if the course was taken at Impact Academy, then the student will take the EOC test at Impact Academy. 

    What types of other testing is required?

    Except courses with EOCs, all courses are required to provide a final exam. Impact Academy course tests must be proctored by an instructor.

    Feel free to contact any of the administrators, teachers, or counselors via their respective home pages from the navigation bar above.  We will gladly respond to any questions from prospective students and parents.