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LGHS Remote Learning Attendance Procedures/COE Request Policy

  • "Virtual School Attendance is the Responsibility of both the Student and the Parent"


    According to the Henry County Schools Return To School Playbook a set instructional schedule will be provided that sudents will be expected to follow.  student remote learning attendance will be monitored as the following:


    * Attendance will be taken daily in each remote learning class period.


    * Students are expected to participate and engage with remote learning teachers daily during each class period.


    * Parents should notify the Teacher and Attendance Clerk of health and medical conditions affecting a students class period attendance.


    *Students not participating in class will be counted absent  for each period of non-participation by their teacher.


    * Students absent from remote learning class periods will require a doctors note or a note from a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence.  These notes may be faxed to (770)898-7076 or emailed to Attendance Clerk .



    1st Period  - 


    2nd Period  - 


    3rd Period  - 


    4th Period  - 


    Procedure for requesting a Certificate of School Enrollment

    Students may make their request and pay for a certificate of school enrollment through their My School Bucks  account.  There is a 24 hour processing time and a cost of $3 for this notarized form.  If a student is taking a driving test the ADAP will be attached to the COE as long as the student has taken the alcohol drug awareness class here and passed it.  

     COE Request Link to My School Bucks

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Last Modified on July 27, 2020