Parent Directions for PlanetHS Physical Platform


    Henry County Schools is rolling out a new system to stream line their athletic programs documentation filing. Parents and students will now be able to access to their physicals as well as all coaches. This will make it easier at the time of tryouts since the physical will already be on file. No more lost papers and immediate access from any electronic device. You can download the App to your smart devices.  Please take a few minutes and follow the steps below to set up your account.


    1.     Go to http://www.planeths.com  Student and parent need to create an account which will eventually link to one another.  All forms will need to be filled out by both student and parent. If the answers do not match an error message will occur and they need to be fixed. Parents can set up both accounts to ensure questions are answered identically.


    2.     Once parents sign up they click on Athletic forms on the top right of the screen. They will then go through each step. There are videos available if help is needed. The forms have not changed they are just online now to make it more streamline. 


    3.     All forms are good for a season and parents can choose as many sports as their child is going to participate in when they are creating their account. The only forms that need to be scanned an uploaded are the signature pages from the doctor. There is one on the actual physical and the other is the clearance form.

     If you have any questions, please contact your students coach. 

Last Modified on May 2, 2017