LGHS English Department
     LGHS English teachers
    from left to right--second row
    Shari Akinmulero
    11th Grade American Literature
    Ben Rawlins
    10th grade World Literature
    Mike Walter
    12th grade British Literature
    from left to right--first row
    Gayle Brown
    ESE department chair for Engllish/9th Grade Literature and Composition
    Brooke Sears
    ESE department chair
    Nicci Peters
    9th Grade Literature and Composition/10th grade World Literature
    Angela Rosen
    12th Grade British Literature
    Lauren Hardy
    English department chair/9th Grade Literature and Composition
    Pat Harp
    12th Grade British Literature/AP Literature
    Rose Nanry
    10th grade World Literature/Reading
    Kelly Box
    11th Grade American Literature
     Valerie Hancock
    11th Grade American Literature/AP Language
    Emily Salmon
    11th Grade American Literature/9th Grade Literature and Composition/Reading
Last Modified on September 6, 2018