• School:    LOCUST GROVE HIGH SCHOOL         Year: 2017-18

    Beliefs and Mission

    Beliefs: At Locust Grove High School, we believe: 

     -a school environment that is safe, orderly, and physically comfortable promotes productive student learning.

     instruction should be rigorous, and that every student should be provided the opportunity to grow intellectually in pursuit of his or her individual learning goals.

    a culture of mutual respect is essential for student success.

    every student can contribute to our school culture in a positive way.

    students are accountable for their attendance, behavior, and academic progress.

    students, parents, staff, and community share responsibility for the academic, social, physical, emotional, and character development of our students.

    open communication with all stakeholders builds positive community relationships.


    Mission: The mission of Locust Grove High School is to foster Community, Learning, Achievement, and Success for all Stakeholders.



    To create a place of learning that nurtures all stakeholders by fostering positive relationships, facilitating a meaningful and rigorous program of studies, valuing innovation, and expecting excellence.




    Goal 1: Project Based Learning

    From January 2016 to July of 2018, teachers will increase their use of cross-curricular Project Based Learning strategies, resulting in 85% of students being able to convey and explain their content ideas and reasoning clearly through verbal and/or written communication using content specific vocabulary related to their self-selected houses. Progress will be measured through documented and completed cross-curricular Project Based Learning cumulative presentations.

    Goal 2: Advisory

    From January 2016 to July of 2018, teachers will use Advisory periods to assist 100% of students in creating their individual academic and life goals utilizing the Learner Profile platform. Progress will be measured through completed student-led conferences.

    Goal 3: HCS Graduation Competencies

    From February 2016 to July of 2018, 100% of the teachers will use the HCS Graduation Competencies to measure student progress through the course standards. Progress toward this goal will be measured by evaluating the use of competencies in lesson plans and a 2% increase in graduation rate each year.

    Goal 4: Instructional Strategies

    Teachers will decrease traditional (teacher-focused lectures) instructional strategies and engage in whole group instruction less than 35% of time by June 2018. Students will be fully transitioned into flexible learning environments such as the dynamic classroom.


    Guiding Philosophy

    At LGHS, students are our focus. The faculty and staff will provide students with opportunities to pursue their interests and achieve their maximum potential. The implementation and facilitation of Personalized Learning via Project Based Learning will allow students to learn at their own pace, to receive more focused teacher assistance in the classroom, to attain deep content knowledge, and to perfect their 21st century skills. Student-led conferences will require student ownership of learning, of the artifacts they create, and of an ongoing exercise of setting realistic and challenging goals.

Last Modified on September 24, 2017