Welcome to Life Science  
     Room 704 
    Team 701
    Teacher Name:Teri Lynn Basinger
    Email Address:tbasinger@henry.k12.ga.us
    Subjects I Teach: 7th Grade Life Science
    I'm very excited to get started this school year and looking forward to meeting all of you at open house!
    Supplies needed for Life Science

    Each student must have the following: 

    (1) 1" - 1.5" binder (stiff covers)

    (1) pack of 5 dividers with pockets

    (1) pack of WHITE lined filler paper (wide or college ruled) 

    (1) Composition notebook·          

     #2 pencils with personal sharpener or mechanical pencils with replacement lead*

    Blue pens 

    12 count Colored pencils* (Twistables work best as they do not need to be sharpened and will last an entire school year)

    (1) Student scissors*

    (1) Glue or tape*

    Ear buds or head phones (Dollar store type; not the big "Beats" style headphones)

    Flash drive/memory stick* (this may be re-used from last year) or Google Drive account

    Some sort of pencil pouch/box to keep supplies together.*



    Agenda - this does not need to be expensive.  A piece of paper that lists classes and days of the week may work for some students.*

    Technology device such as a table (No cell phones) 


    *If these items have been purchased for another class, they may use the same supplies in my class. 

    Wish List
    Hand Soap
    Hand Sanitizer
    Paper towels
    Disposable gloves
    White board cleaner
    Dry erase markers
    Student technology may be used when permitted (no cell phones).  It is NOT a requirement that students have their own technology in school.  Students will not be permitted to engage in activities that are not directly related to the standard(s) that we are currently learning.  Students WILL NOT be permitted to use cell phones in class; students may only use tablets and other school provided devices.  We will be using various online content but students may either access it during school hours using school resources or at home for homework.  If students do not have access to technology at home, there are opportunities during the school day in which they may utilize school resources.    
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