**New Cheer Information**
     Updated 7/28
    Sideline cheer roster is posted on website, the competition roster will be posted tomorrow.
    I have consulted with the judges. In lieu of some people having other sports tomorrow night, being out of town, and possible technological issues, they have decided to make tryouts less stressful and more convenient.  Covid 19 and the current changes in the school system have made things very challenging. In order to accommodate as many people as possibly while the girls are not in school, the judges have decided to allow the girls to submit videos of their tryouts.  Below you will find the guidelines. These guidelines MUST be followed.  Please change to my cheer email for all future communication. I need all cheer material to be in a cheer file that can be shared with all judges. Also I fear that emails sent to this current email will get lost amongst junk mail and that I will miss something. I do not want to leave anyone out. Thanks!
    1) Make sure physicals are up to date (no longer that one year ago)
    2) Make sure planet high school forms are all complete 
    3) Make sure the APPLICATION is emailed to coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com; this is different from the original “interest form”
    4) Make sure all cheer and dance videos are emailed to coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com; cheer and dance for competition; chant and dance for sideline (football/basketball); two dances, one cheer, one chant if trying out for football/basketball and competition
    5) Make sure all standing tumbling and running tumbling videos are sent to coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com if trying out for competition.  You may still try out for competition even if you do not have the minimal requirements for tumble. You will need to excel in other areas. Decisions will be based on final scores.  HOWEVER, you must still submit a video of your highest standing tumble skill and highest running tumble skill. 
    6) Make sure you send a video of a toe touch to coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com if trying out for sideline; send a video of three consecutive different jumps to coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com if trying out for competition; send BOTH videos to coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com if trying out for sideline and competition 
    7) Grades will be checked by athletic director 
    8) Results will be posted by Monday as long as grades are confirmed 
    9) If you have previously sent videos to the fryegirl1@yahoo.com or texted them to me, please resend to the correct email address of coachmasters.cheer@gmail.com
    10) Deadline is 5 PM Friday.  No exceptions!
    I truly hope that this method of tryouts will make things less stressful for everyone. I’m sorry for all of the changes but each day is a new day with new guidelines. I am looking forward to returning to normalcy and allowing these children to enjoy their middle school experience!  Have a blessed evening!
    Coach Courtney Masters 


    We are so excited for your interest in Cheerleading at Ola Middle School! Thank you for your patience as we have been acclimating to the changes in the guidelines of which schools and sports currently must follow. We are presently in the process of developing instructions for a cheerleading tryout. It will be held on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. As of right now, the tryouts will be virtual but this is subject to change. Additional information will be sent out to those who complete the application that will be posted on the cheer web page for OMS. The APPLICATION is different from the INTEREST FORM that some of you may already have filled out. The links for the tryout material will also be posted on the OMS cheer page. This tryout will include football, basketball, and competition. We are considering having the football cheerleaders also be the basketball cheerleaders as with the previous school year. This decision will be based on the number of people that try out in addition to other factors. Cheerleaders who cheer competition AND football will have alternate options with basketball cheer. Uniform fittings will have to be virtual and immediate. The uniform representative will provide adequate instruction. Average turnaround time for uniforms is 6 weeks. Sideline may have to cheer in shorts and t-shirts in the beginning.


    Listed below, you will find information that may assist you in adequately preparing for tryouts and having an idea of what to expect (although changes may occur). MOST IMPORTANTLY...make sure physical and online forms are up to date! Thanks for your interest in supporting our school and community!


    -Physical that is current (they are valid for 12 months from day of completion). YOU CAN NOT TRY OUT WITHOUT A CURRENT PHYSICAL SO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ASAP!

    -Forms completed in PLANET HIGH SCHOOL account; initiate one if you do not have one and complete all forms immediately. Planeths.com. If COMPETITION CHEER is the only cheerleading option, please check that option even if you do not plan to try out for competition. The forms are all the same. The forms must be uploaded into the system not turned in at tryouts.

    -Acceptable grade standing from previous school year

    -Judging criteria includes knowledge of material, skills, technique, voice projection, sharpness, crowd appeal, smiles


    -Toe Touch Jump

    -Band Dance (video will be provided)

    -1 Sideline Chant (video will be provided)

    -Games are at home on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 5:30 PM

    -Practice will either be before school or directly after school approximately twice a week ; additional details to follow

    -Social Media Contract will be initiated




    -Cheer (video will be provided)

    -Dance (video will be provided)

    -Tumble- minimal skill expectation is round off double back handspring with round off back handspring back tuck being the goal; standing back handspring

    -Participants without the preferred expectations of tumbling will have to excel in other scored areas for consideration

    -Competitions are usually on Saturday from late September-mid November; subject to change

    -They will be an attendance policy as it is difficult to adequately prepare for competitions as a unit with absenteeism

    -Social Media Contract will be initiated



    -NO UNIFORMS OR ACCESSORIES WILL BE HANDED OUT WITHOUT BALANCE PAID IN FULL; $250 first installment will be due upon ordering uniforms

    -Last year NEW sideline cheerleaders averaged $600 (included pregame meals, excluded banquet); subject to change; same uniform and poms will be used this year

    -Last year NEW competition cheerleaders averaged $600 (excluded banquet); subject to change; new competition uniforms will be ordered this year

    -Last year NEW cheerleaders who did both averaged $900 (excluded banquets, we used the same shoes/bloomers/skirt for both last year but this year will vary because we are changing competition uniforms); subject to change

    -Fees vary according to the costs and are subject to change each year and depend on how many optional items cheerleaders choose to order. ALL CHEERLEADERS will have a MANDATORY ATHLETIC FEE that covers all other sports that they participate in for the school year (this it is not an isolated CHEER expense); this fee was $40 last year but subject to change

    -Planned on adding a stunt clinic that would add to competition fees this year but uncertain if this will occur on account of the pandemic

    -Hoping to do a few fundraisers this year but they will have to be initiated as soon as tryouts occur in order to apply them towards the uniform finance

    Feel free to email me with any additional inquiries!



    Coach Courtney Masters





    Replace TIGERS with OLA (not spelled out). 

    The demonstration shows you front and back. You do NOT actually turn around as they do in the video. 





    Replace BLUE with GREEN.  Replace U-C-A with O-L-A.  Watch girl on far left. 




    Watch the girl on far left. Replace BLUE with GREEN. Replace GO U-C-A with GO O-L-A














    Any rising 7th and 8th graders who are interested in Cheer for the 20 - 21 school year, please fill out the Google form below.   We would like to continue to keep you informed with information regarding cheer.  If you fill out the Google form, we will have your contact info to keep you informed of necessary information as we progress though these unprecendented circumstances.
       Please Stay Safe!
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