• Reading Bowl 
    2022-23 READING BOWL INFO:
    Do you love to read?  Do you like to be a part of a team and have a fun competition?  Then the Reading Bowl is for you!  
    Reading Bowl started in the Metro Atlanta area by a media specialist named Ms. Ruffin.  She wanted her students to read, so she made reading into a competition!  There are 10 books on the Georgia Children's Book Award Nominees list each year, and every school which participates has that same exact list of 10 books. When we compete, we can have a team consisting of up to 10 students representing our school.  
    Competitions are quiz-bowl style meets, with five students from each team using buzzers to answer questions about the 10 books all of the students have read.  It's like a trivia contest, but everyone knows all the same source material to read and study.  The team that is the best wins! It's reading as a competition.
    Your sponsors
    Ms. Harp, Ms. Lindsey & Mr. Devane


    Alston, B. B. (2021). Amari and the night brothers

    Dee, B. (2020). Maybe he just likes you.  

    Esplin, J. L. (2020). 96 miles

    Faruqi, R. (2021). Unsettled

     Ireland, J. (2021). Ophie’s ghosts

    Oh, E. (2021). Finding Junie Kim

    Sheinkin, S. (2019). Born to fly: The first women’s air race across America.  

    Sounders, T. (2020). Coop knows the scoop

    Venkatraman, P. (2021). Born behind bars

    Warga, J. (2021). Shape of thunder

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